Coreview offers educational solutions tailored to your needs. The integrated tools allow you to manage courses, organize exams, track progress and communicate. You may choose only the features you need in order to fulfill your educational goals.


Educators spend a lot of time organizing the teams and planning the lessons. Coreview’s tools help educators to stay organized and save time.


Team organization

You are able to set the structure of a team for better organization of the educational material, define the responsible  instructors for teaching and examining, and organize the learners into groups for more efficient training.


Lesson planning

Coreview gives you the ability to organize, plan and manage the curriculum of each subject, course, unit and subunit easily and quickly, in order to meet the unique needs of your trainees.   


Coreview allows you to create and upload the content of each lesson easily. This can be achieved through using the content editor or uploading the files.



Learner is asked to study the theory, which may include text, photos, videos, diagrams and charts. The educational material is interactive so as to facilitate the comprehension.


Brief exercise

Learners can check directly their level of the theory comprehension through a brief self-assessment exercise.



Coreview allows you to create exercises for self-assessment and practice.



At this stage, learner has the opportunity to check the gained knowledge. Learner is asked to answer various kinds of questions and exercises for self-assessment and practice of the educational material. 


Coreview offers you all the necessary tools to examine the trainees. The results are extracted automatically and you don’t have to spend time in correcting the tests.



Learner can be examined with or without time limit. You can leverage the unlimited choices in testing and use the large variety of exercises as Coreview offers 15 different kinds of exercises in order to cover your educational needs.


Examples of exercises:



Coreview allows you to peruse information about the results at an individual, group, learning subject, unit and subunit level. This gives you the overall picture about strengths, weaknesses and future educational goals.



Learner is informed about the results, e.g. total questions, correct and false answers.  At the same time, you have access to a variety of reports in order to monitor progress and consequently set and revise goals. You are able to download reports in pdf or view them online.  



Learner is informed through charts and diagrams about the existed and completed pages of theory, exercises and tests. In addition, you have access to important statistics, such as the best students, courses, scores, time, exercises and tests.


Communication is a significant element in education. Coreview facilitates communication and collaboration among all users.



Coreview enables all users to communicate through messages directly and easily.



Users can stay up to date about events. Administrators and professors create events, e.g. project completion, and inform the members of a group.



Learner stays informed about news, links, files and course’s information.



Each user has a dashboard, which includes basic information about personal data, statistics, news and schedule.


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