What is CoreView


Educational solutions tailored to your needs

Coreview is a Learning Management System (LMS), which has been developed according to the latest technologies and aims to provide integrated and customized solutions in education.

It is a new innovative, cloud-based, platform that provides training, assessment and certification solutions for schools, universities and businesses. It is composed by three key features: theory, exercises and exams. Other features refer to statistics, tracking, reporting and communication.

Coreview’s aim is to revitalize the way of education and transform it into a creative process. It creates a new digital environment in education, where all users have easy and secure access wherever they are, whenever they wish. It provides unlimited choices in training and testing in order to achieve the best results in education.

Coreview, based on the principles of flexibility and interactivity,

  • transforms the education through technology,
  • facilitates the curriculum management,
  • enhances the learning process,
  • empowers the exams,
  • improves the performance monitoring,
  • offers a range of communication and collaboration tools,
  • reduces the workload,
  • cuts the costs and finally,
  • leads to excellent educational results.


Based on the latest procedures and technologies, the innovative platform Coreview introduces you to the new digital era in education.


Coreview provides access to knowledge with independence and flexibility, without restrictions of time and place.


The right management of the curriculum, the continuous evaluation and the high degree of interaction, inspire learners.


Coreview transforms education through technology, enhances learning and leads to excellent educational results.