Coreview's strengths Your strengths

Coreview's characteristics and strengths benefit all users.

For the Instructor

  • Everything needed is in one place.
  • Unlimited choices of training and testing.
  • Easy creation and upload of the educational material.
  • Automatic results extraction and no time in correcting the tests.
  • Greater attendance.
  • Fewer exclusions and behavioral incidents.
  • Communication with the learner.
  • Direct and continuous information about learners’ progress.

For the Learner

  • Unlimited possibilities of learning.
  • Stay organized and informed.
  • Direct and easy access to knowledge.
  • Continuous evaluation of the acquired knowledge and direct feedback.
  • Flexibility in scheduling the study of the educational material.
  • Support through multimedia educational material.
  • Communication with instructors and peers.
  • Greater motivation and engagement in more personalized learning experience.
  • Removes distractions.
  • Interaction with technology solutions.

For the Organization Manager

  • Reduction of operational costs.
  • Operational efficiency.
  • Ensuring quality of the educational process.
  • No problems, errors and delays in the educational process.
  • New ways of learning through the utilization of the current innovative technologies.
  • Optimization of the educational process.
  • No requirement in special equipment, infrastructure and human resources.
  • High degree of control and maximum safety.
  • Eco-friendly.

For the Parent

  • Check homework and timetables for their children.
  • Stay informed about their child’s progress.
  • Engagement with their child’s learning.
  • Communication with the school and the teachers.


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